6 Questions With Kiersten Kindred

Kiersten Kindred Main PictureEarlier this month, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kiersten Kindred, a 20-something millennial, communications professional, entrepreneur and author. As the owner of Kindred Communications, a full service communications/media firm, she is dedicated to the success of solopreneurs and medium-sized businesses. She is also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of A-List 180 Magazine and has been featured in national publications such as, Cosmopolitan Magazine, InTouch Weekly and Life & Style Magazine so I am excited to welcome her to KnowArtesia.com!

With her desire to help others succeed, came the release of her book, “Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide” which gives readers pragmatic advice on how to go about developing a successful brand.

Five_Steps_to_Market_Cover_for_Kindle (1)Your book gives readers a clear and concise guide to marketing success but what’s one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and how did you learn from it?

When I first started, I spent A LOT of money in advertising, which is different than marketing. I did not get much return of investment from the ads; I had to learn which avenues worked the best for my business.

As a young business owner, what advice would you give to college students considering entrepreneurship versus working in corporate America?

It is a wonderful time to be an entrepreneur in America, especially for millennials. As millennials, we understand the past, present and future trends/technologies- which gives us an advantage in many ways. Personally, I encourage entrepreneurship; it builds character and teaches you a lot about yourself. However, I do believe that college students should get their feet wet in corporate America for about 1-5 years, before they venture off on their own. Learn the ins and outs of their industry and apply that knowledge to their own ventures.

Which one of your accomplishments are you most proud of?

Publishing my book this year has been a longtime dream of mine and would definitely have to be one of my most proud accomplishments. Helping small businesses is one of my passions and being able to help them in a step-by-step guide is rewarding.

What can we expect from the Kiersten Kindred brand in the future?

In the next 1-5 years, expect communications workshops from me and expect to see my media firm, Kindred Communications (kcfirm.com), working with more solopreneurs  and medium-sized businesses. Definitely, expect a second edition to my book Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide.

With all the many different hats you wear, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to MEDITATE! I believe meditation is the direct key to our souls. I also enjoy reading, shopping and watching Blood, Sweat and Heels or a marathon of Law and Order: SVU or Sex and the City.

Anything else you’d like the readers to know?

I appreciate the support and encourage everyone to buy this book- from small businesses to large corporations. This book has something for everyone! If you may be interested in communications/media/marketing/branding services, be sure to visit my media firm’s (Kindred Communications) site: kcfirm.com, to see how we may be able to help! To keep up with me, check out my site: KierstenKindred.com.

Kiersten 2Personally, I found the book to be a very easy read and quite informative. I definitely plan on using it as a guide for future branding endeavors as well. It’s always a joy and inspiration working with other young, ambitious and successful individuals from all walks of life but even more empowering when it’s another black woman doing her thing. So be sure to check her out and stay tuned for what’s to come.

In other news, being that she is from Houston, I’m sure she’s happy that the Rockets pulled off a stellar series win over the Clippers yesterday. Go Rockets!


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