No More Apologies

20150425_110701_revisedIt has only been in recent years that I’ve tried to step outside the confines of who I thought I had to be by the standards of my family, religious beliefs and society. This self-evolving process has seemingly kicked into overdrive as I prepare to transition into my 30s less than a month from now and I received some much-needed inspiration yesterday afternoon when I came across a post by Mandy Hale from The Single Woman.

In her writing, she talked about things she was no longer apologizing for and how she came to such conclusion. It’s amazing how much we have in common with people both near and far if we just take the time to hear their stories but that’s another post for another time. Anyway, at the end, she encouraged reader’s to make their own list and since I’ve often found myself apologizing to others for things about myself and then wondering why I even felt the need to apologize in the first place, I decided to do just that. Make my own list!

So here it goes…

1.) I’m quiet by nature, and NO, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with me. Michael Strahan said it best during his 2014 Hall of Fame speech, “You don’t have to be outwardly excited to be internally combustible.”

2.) The fact that I’m divorced. Enough with the divorce shame and people deeming it as the ultimate failure when in actuality our ability to remain friends and a wonderful co-parenting team proves that overall, it was a success.

3.) For wanting to have it all as in family and my career. As a parent, I sometimes take flack from other parents who are okay with their lives revolving solely around their children and that’s just not me. I love my babies to the moon and back but parenthood alone does not make me feel complete.

4.) That I’m more of the girl next door type versus one who drips sex appeal. It makes me no less of a woman.

5.) That I’m still not over the death of my mother. Sure, it’s been seven years and time has made it better but time does not completely heal all wounds.

6.) That my sense of humor is kind of quirky. Either you get it or you don’t.

7.) My feelings. Not everyone knows how to handle genuine expressions of feelings but vulnerability is not a sign of weakness.

8.) Taking time for myself. I’ve spent most of my life running myself ragged for everyone else so I will no longer tap dance around my new-found ability to say no to certain things in an effort to make others feel better.

And there you have it…

Much like Mandy said in her post, this is not to say that because I’m no longer apologizing for these things about myself, I don’t want to continue to grow and improve as a person because ultimately I do.


Here’s to living life unapologetically!

Your Thoughts???

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