MUSIC: Silver And Gold – Kirk Franklin

I decided to save my “mood of the morning” post for today because the song selection and thought process behind it seemed more befitting for a Sunday.

This past Friday, after turning down an invitation to go out for happy hour, I was looking forward to a nice quiet evening at home catching up on shows but not too long after I settled in on the couch, tornado sirens began going off.

Anybody that knows me, knows that I’m low-key terrified of severe weather. So imagine how my heart begin to race as I found myself home alone in this situation. I reached out to a close friend who really didn’t take my fear seriously and another who simply didn’t answer the phone.

As I sat in my closet watching the radar and bracing myself, I remembered what my mom and great-grandmother instilled in me and I began to pray. During my prayer, this song came to mind. This verse in particular:

I called on my best friend
She could not be found
But I called on Jesus
My life He can hold

The moral of the story is, when I tapped into that which feeds my spirit, I didn’t feel alone anymore. I trusted that whatever happened, I would be okay and before I knew it, the storm was over.

Sometimes we get so caught up in reaching out to those around us and feel let down when they don’t come through or can’t be there for us in the way that we need them to be but regardless of if you believe in a higher power or not, looking inward during such times is important and most fulfilling.

Be Blessed!

2 thoughts on “MUSIC: Silver And Gold – Kirk Franklin

  1. I loooooove this song, one of my favorite gospel songs. And, you’re so right, we have to learn to rely on God before we turn to others who can’t give us the reassurance God can. Learning this more and more daily. Great post xoxo

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