Rye 51 Welcomes WhistlePig Whiskey

aslphotography. net (5)

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending another swanky shindig at Rye 51 in West Village. This time around, the drink of choice was WhistlePig, a 100-proof, straight rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double barrel process.

For someone who doesn’t drink whiskey on a regular basis, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I was able to drink this one neat and even more satisfied by how smooth it went down. No coughing or throat/chest burning!

Aside from the whiskey, Sabino “The Cigar Roller” and a barber was on hand. Because let’s face it, what’s a shot of whiskey without a nice cigar to pair it with and what’s a man without a fresh shave?

Kudos to the guys at Rye 51 for pulling off another great event and special thanks to Andre the photographer and James Edward, the creative genius, for sharing these photos. Visit www.jamesedward.com for more of their work.

Until next time!

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