Signs You’re Losing Yourself in a Relationship…

losing-yourselfAt some point, we have all been guilty of making sacrifices for the sake of our relationships. While compromise is key in the success of any relationship, it should never be done to the point where you begin to feel as if you have lost yourself in the process.

So what are the signs???

Do you feel like you give more than you receive in the relationship?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the problems of your partner more than your own?

Do you feel as if he/she doesn’t take your feelings seriously?

What to do about it???

Take some time out for yourself. Sometimes we can become so focused on our partner —what they’re doing and what they’re feeling— that we have trouble finding solitude in our alone time. Step away and take the time necessary to reconnect with your own personal feelings and what’s important to you.

Know that you can’t fix everything. Feeling overwhelmed in any relationship is never a good feeling. Being concerned about your partner and what they’re going through is great but being overly concerned to the point of consumption is sure to cause problems. Sometimes all you can do is reassure them that you are there for them and let things work themselves out.

Speak up for yourself. Continuously sacrificing your needs and desires for someone else is not healthy. Don’t undermine yourself simply because you want to give your partner everything they want or you’re afraid you’ll lose them if you express your needs. A functional relationship makes room for what both of you need. If they decide to leave when you express yourself, better that than losing yourself to someone unwilling to hear you and at least meet you halfway.

Remember, if you are not receiving the emotional support you need, no matter how loving and caring you are, you can’t hold on to happiness forever. All too often, it’s not until hindsight kicks in that you realize just how much of yourself you gave up in an effort to make someone else happy. Recognize the signs early on and make the necessary effort to get yourself back on track.

Your Thoughts???

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