Pursuing Your Passion…

your-passionIn case I haven’t already said it…


When I first entered college, I was majoring in Journalism and Communications. Then I took a few semesters off to travel and came back to some pretty traumatic things that happened to my friends and family. Instantly, I wanted to find a way to help, a way to fix the problems and a way to prevent others from experiencing the very things that turned my world upside down.

So I decided to go back to school and major in Psychology.

It was then that I began going through the motions. Never really feeling as fulfilled as I wanted but focusing on trying to save those around me and myself included. I would always have to remind myself that by doing psychology, I’d be able to help others and the money would be good but in the back of my mind I could hear the nagging question, “Is this really what you want to do?”

I would even get upset when people told me they didn’t think my heart was in it.

How dare they!! *rolls eyes* They don’t know me!!

Ultimately, I rationalized my decision for months until it all came to a head and I decided to go back to the field of communications. I realized that I was once again putting myself through something based on the unfortunate decisions of others. But most importantly, I realized that it is not within my power to save the world and the piece of it that I can help can be reached through my writing which is my true passion and talent.

So I basically said all of that to say this…

Stay true to your passions and pursue them regardless of life’s stumbling blocks. You will be much happier for it in the end. I know I am!

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