BEING MARY JANE: Personal Takeaways

BMJI was so tired by the time I got settled in to watch last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane, that I faded in and out of the entire show until around the last fifteen minutes or so. The scene between Mary Jane and her father was touching to say the least. Even though most people would say it’s only a television show, I felt really connected to that moment and was able to take away some key points during the candid advice he shared with her.

I have been guilty of holding on to my traditional ideals sometimes to a fault and at the expense of my personal happiness so it was refreshing to hear someone say that you don’t necessarily have to aspire to things as they were in the olden days and that it’s okay to live your life for yourself. As I embark on this new chapter of life (entering into my 30s) I have been seriously weighing what I want/don’t want in life even more and making decisions accordingly.

When it comes to relationships, sometimes we fall into the habit of wanting every single thing to line up and that’s almost always never the case. I have never really been too strict on that but if I’m honest with myself, there was a situation where I did let go of a relationship for that reason when I probably could have fought a little harder for the man who I loved. You live and you learn!

All in all, I found it very ironic that I’d just had a conversation earlier in the day with a friend of mine about my on again/off again and mostly one-sided relationship with my father and how I’m just over it at this point in my life. So maybe it’s because I don’t have that father figure of my own or the fact that those are exactly the kind of talks I’ve longed for in the past if I did have one but needless to say, the writers had me all in with this scene. I even re-watched it again for good measure and as usual, I’ll be tuned in next week.

Have you ever watched a show you felt like you could completely relate to? What are some things you’ve taken away from that show and how have you applied them to your life?

Your Thoughts???

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