Never Enough

Have you ever felt like everything that you do or try to do for those around you is never really enough in their eyes? It’s like they always seem to want more and more regardless of what you’ve already done or attempted to do on their behalf.

In the words of Drake,

Gave you a little help, now you need more already. Damn you need more already?

Although I was taught to put others before myself, I realize that sometimes it’s necessary to do the exact opposite. It has taken me the longest to stop feeling guilty about doing so in certain situations but I’ve learned that always striving to make those who may never be fully satisfied or appreciate your efforts happy is a surefire way of running yourself completely ragged. Between the disappointment from a lack of appreciation and the stress of trying to keep up with it all, it’s bound to take a serious toll on you.

So I decided long ago that I’d rather learn how to say NO on occassion and ultimately distance myself from the habitually unsatisfied/not so easy to please individuals in my life rather than to deal with the pressures of trying to keep them happy. Today I was reminded of why I came to that conclusion and this is a reminder for others like me.

Know that no one person can do everything. There will be times when you can’t accomodate those that may be asking something of you and that is OK. If they understand, that’s even better. If not, don’t let it bother you. As long as you know that you’ve put forth your best effort, rest easy. Those that truly value you will appreciate that and that alone.

4 thoughts on “Never Enough

  1. This is so true. To often I find myself pleasing others and sometimes forgetting myself. Lately I’ve added No into my vocabulary and focus more on my needs. Some may not like the idea but sometimes it’s good to turn down some people and allow them to stand on their own. It’s not always easy but somethings have to change.

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  2. We’re on the same page, it seems. I, too, was raised in the belief that one should always give to others freely, willingly, and without expectations for something in return. I still hold to that tenet of belief, but I’ve found that (much like you said above) that sometimes there are those who constantly expect more of you; that what you give you from the heart is seemingly never enough.

    Just within the last few years (talk about learning the lesson the hard way … and late) I’ve started saying “No” more often and with more courage. I don’t like the word “selfish” – because I’m not … not at all – but I’ve learned I have to look after my own needs before I can even think of someone else’s wants or needs. Hard lessons learned … but sometimes it just has to be that way.

    On point as usual, Artesia. =)

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