Aspiring Author Update…

chapterone-writing-a-bookIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these updates. Not only do I do them to keep you guys abreast of my progress but mainly as a way to hold myself more accountable.

I remember writing the blog post announcing my decision to seriously start my journey towards publication with such glee in my heart as if it were just yesterday. I also remember getting rather overwhelmed with feelings of ‘can I really do this‘ and ‘what if I’m not good enough‘ until I got a nice pep talk from my partner in crime on this little project which gave me just enough gusto to get back on the saddle and ride this thing through.

Since that time I have crafted several story lines in my head, one of which HAS managed to make it onto my laptop.

I recently came across an article that said:

Many would–be novelists suffer from expectations that are ridiculously high because they use their favorite novels as their models.

I found this to be very true for me and decided to go back to writing simply for the joy of it instead of getting so caught up in comparing my work to the work of others. Once I took the pressure out of the situation, my thoughts began to flow freely again and things have really started coming together.


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