5 Reminders I Got Over The Weekend

Since I work so hard during the week, I try my best to live it up on the weekends. From brunch to the movies, shopping, a pretty dope Christmas party and some much-needed R&R, I’d say it was another great weekend in the books for me. However, in the midst of all the fun, there were a few things I was reminded of. Give and it shall be given unto you. I received a pleasant surprise in my mailbox over the weekend and the note said to strictly do something nice for myself. Being a giver at heart can be extremely tiring at times and you may began to question the reasoning behind it all but this definitely reminded me of the scripture (Luke 6:38) my granny always taught me, God rest her soul.

I’ve still got it. After dating one person for so long, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the situation that you forget how it felt for someone other than that person to express genuine interest. Granted, I didn’t take anyone up on their advances while out and about this weekend, but it still felt good to be approached and I think everyone needs that from time to time.

Some people are okay with being mediocre. Nothing frustrates me more than people, especially friends, who have the ability to be so much more in life but refuse to apply themselves or step outside of their comfort zone for more than a millisecond. However, until THEY stop being complacent with the status quo, nothing you do or say will change their mindset. To assume the responsibility of trying to make them do better is a nightmare waiting to happen.

You can’t have adult conversations with everyone. In an effort to squash any “awkwardness” between the beau’s best female friend and myself, I decided to clear the air with a nice friendly talk. What I thought was a good/progressive conversation turned out to be anything but. By the next morning she had totally put asinine words in my mouth which let me know, the situation was right back where it started and left me with an extremely bad taste.

It’s OKAY to disconnect. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m one who will always answer the phone, return a text or stay in touch through social media unless something major is going on but I’ve noticed myself changing that this past month or so. After a busy weekend, yesterday was my day to disconnect, rest and relax in preparation of the upcoming week which is sure to be a hectic one.

With these things in mind, here’s to a great week ahead!Be Awesome

3 thoughts on “5 Reminders I Got Over The Weekend

  1. Oh, yeah … those last three points, especially. LOL. I’ve found that (lately) I’ve had to step back somewhat and disconnect as well. My personality won’t allow me to fully disengage, but I have had to reign it in over the last six weeks or so. o.O ‘Course that directly ties in with the adult conversation, too. I won’t even go there on THAT.

    Too, you’re right … it DOES feel good to realize that, in spite of certain things, others do recognize that little bit of special “magic” we all possess. Sometimes I have to sit back, take it in, and chuckle at some of the things I see, hear, and read from certain members of that group of friends (that you’re now privy to) … ego strokin’ can definitely be a good thing. Sometimes. (nods)

    As for charitable giving …

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I try to remain mindful (and humbled, too) of just how many blessings I’ve received throughout the years. Giving back is the least I can do. Sure, sometimes it can be wearying and tiring, but the joy of making someone happy makes it all worthwhile for me.

    Excellent as always, Artesia.

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