Brown Thursday, Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Before I sign off to spend some quality timwith family and friends this weekend, I thought I’d roll out one last post.

Now that the holiday spirit is in full swing families all over are looking forward to spending some quality time together, eating to their heart’s content, gathering around the television to watch football and if you’re anything like me, catching the sales in anticipation of Christmas.

While this time of year now serves as a reminder that the anchors of my family are no longer here and this will be the second year without my granny’s cooking in the midst, I am still thankful for many things. Mainly for my life being as well as it is, my children who keep me going with a smile on my face and my wonderful friends who have become a surrogate family. I am also very thankful for the readers of this blog who constantly remind me that it’s OKAY to share and keep me inspired to write.

Imagine if tomorrow when you woke up, you were only left with the things you paid thanks for in the day prior. What would you have left?

As mentioned in previous posts, this time of year has always been a favorite because it brings out the best in people. However, let us not wait until days like today to express our gratitude or this season to spread good cheer.

On that note…

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m off to cook, eat, relax and shop. Post Ya Tuesday!

Your Thoughts???

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