About Twitter Last Night…

So I had an absolute first for me on social media last night. With all the talk of preparations being made ahead of the grand jury decision being announced in Ferguson, I shared a tweet to reflect my thoughts on the matter.

In response, I received these:


The first response I had no problem with but the hashtag on the second one caught me completely off guard. Not really wanting to give their ignorance a direct response, I simply tweeted:

However, this incident further confirms my thought that the new age of social media has given so many people the “courage” to say things that they wouldn’t normally say if they were face to face, hence the unfortunate rise in cyber-bullying. Thankfully, I don’t sweat the small stuff but I firmly believe that eventually, certain parameters will have to be put in place to control such extreme individuals.

In the words of a good friend,

“Ignorance and bigotry can’t survive in the midst of intelligence and class.”

Happy Saturday! 🙂

Your Thoughts???

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