Out With The Old, In With The New

RebrandingIf you accessed my blog or communicated with me via social media over the weekend, I’m sure you noticed the change in blog name and social media handles. A few of you even inquired as to how the change came about.

Well, there comes a time in life where you begin to feel as if you’ve outgrown certain things and that’s exactly how I’d been feeling about my internet presence for the past few months. People have been calling me Ms. Teezy for as long as I can remember as a shortened version of my name. Even though the name stuck, I’ve never felt it was an accurate reflection of who I am. As I am quickly approaching my 30s and working harder than ever to advance my writing career, I wanted something a little more professional and definitive of me.

Since I’m better at coming up with ideas for others than myself, it took me quite some time to decide on a name I really like, not to mention my tendency to over-think things. I have been going back and forth for weeks now, but I think I’ve finally gotten it right.

‘Know Artesia’ fits perfectly because this blog and my other social media platforms are where those on the outside can truly get to know me. I’ve shared a lot of my personal thoughts here and tidbits of my life on other sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Undoubtedly, re-branding can be a scary process but it can also be very rewarding. With these changes, I am looking forward to an enhanced presence, fostering current relationships and building new partnerships.

Stay Tuned!

8 thoughts on “Out With The Old, In With The New

  1. So funny, this morning I was thinking about changing my blog name and taking it in a new direction, but like you said, deciding is such a process. Sometimes you have to take risks as part of the growth process. I’m sure this rebranding will work for the best.

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    1. How ironic and a process it is! Truth be told, I had been second guessing rather I was going to actually go through with it or not all the way up until it was time for the post to come out. Thank you and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to see what comes of your thought process. 😉

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  2. How often have I said to the masses: “Step out on that shaky limb. Roll the dice. Choose to be the exception rather than the rule … follow your own path.”?

    Writing is something that we (you, me, and Shakiyla) “do”. No, it goes so much deeper than that, Artesia. It’s who we *are*. We write because we’re supposed to write. Even if we touch only just one soul with our words, we’ve still done something unique and special.

    We’re always growing. Our paths are always changing directions. We’re forced to make decisions and take risks in order to further discover who we are … a test of wills, as it were. While growing into ourselves as writers may be a lengthy, demanding process to endure, consider this:

    “Forged in fire. Tempered by endurance, fortitude, and determination. Strengthened with focus and clarity. Tested in adversity, chaos, and confusion. Blooded by turmoil and strife. Battle-hardened and ready, we shall be.”

    Any decision you make will be the right one … FOR YOU. Follow your path. 😉

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      1. LOL. You’re quite welcome, of course. =) It’s all true, though. What we do is a calling. It’s something that can’t be denied or avoided or even forgotten. It’s as much a part of each of us (me, you, and Shakiyla) as … BREATHING.

        Trust me, Artesia … I second-guess myself, too. All … of … the … time. I even wrote about that very thing today thanks to both of you inspiring me.

        Keep following your dream.

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