Hiding Behind The Lipstick w/Myesha Chaney

9780989493468Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending a Meet & Greet with Myesha Chaney from Preachers of LA, hosted by Tha Afterparty Radio here in Dallas to discuss her new book, Hiding Behind The Lipstick. As a faithful viewer, I was super excited about this opportunity since Myesha and her husband are one of my favorite couples on the show.

The concept of Hiding Behind The Lipstick is one that I believe most women can relate to. Oftentimes, we are busy trying to be so many things to so many people and unfortunately end up living our lives behind a mask to keep it all together. This initiative however, calls for us to stop trying to live up to the expectations of others and focus on discovering the beauty of our true selves.

In an effort to set the tone of being more honest with ourselves and those around us, Lady Myesha has hosted several Lipstick Confession sessions where women from all different walks of life have been able to share some of their most vulnerable moments and bond at the point of their pain.

From a personal standpoint, she shared her struggles with being dark-skinned and feeling ugly as a child. So much so that she made a decision early on to be smarter and work harder in other aspects of life in hopes of proving her worth to others, not really realizing until much later in life that she was still holding on to her fifth grade perception of herself. I will be honest enough to say that those words hit home for me. At times, I too have been guilty of running myself ragged trying to over achieve in school, at work and even in my relationships to compensate for the things I’ve felt I lack.

Now of course the Meet & Greet wouldn’t have been complete without a question or two about the show. When asked about the criticism that Pastors and First Ladies should not be involved in reality television, she replied:

What I realize is, media is the next great mission field and rather we want it to happen or not the religious community will have to be strategic about how we spread our message. It’s the way it’s gonna go. You can not want it so bad and it’s gonna happen, so you might as well just get used to seeing faith-based being all over television. That will be the only way that we have a relevant voice.

As a word of advice for the modern-day Christian, she had this to say:

Just be yourself. God is bigger than what we’ve made him. We’ve really put him in a box and a modern-day Christian should see faith as an experience. It’s not really something that you and God have just between you. He gives us this purpose in the world and its to reach people for him and being you is the best start because we get saved and we wanna be a “Christian” but really what are we saying? We’re saying we want to emulate what we saw in grandma or the Christian we saw on television. But when you embody who you are and you allow the faith and your relationship with God to dictate that, then now you trail-blaze what Christianity looks like.

I am happy to report that her spirit seems just as genuine in person as it does on television. As a special treat, we all walked away with a copy of the book (which I have yet to put down and highly recommend), along with her debut CD, Take Him To The World, which is very inspirational as well, and the latest issue of Heart & Soul magazine.

As most of you know, I have been on my own personal journey of living life more freely for a while now so the HBTL mission has really resonated with and gives me added confirmation that I’ve taken strides in the right direction. Therefore, I will be discussing a few topics from the book in more detail in the weeks to come.

If you were to take off your mask, what would your Lipstick Confession be???

Your Thoughts???

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