Goodbye October, Hello November

2014-11-01 07.05.04Is it just me or does the time seem to be flying by even faster these days?!?! 😯

The last few weeks of October were spent getting ready for the beau’s birthday celebration which was rather nerve-racking leading up to the events I’d planned but turned out pretty awesome nevertheless. Now as we enter the month of November, I’m gearing up for my son’s birthday, Thanksgiving, my daughter’s birthday and Christmas. In that order!

I’ve always been big on birthdays (only child syndrome) and holidays so even though these next couple of months will be primarily dedicated to doing for others, it always does my heart the most good. Not to mention the change in the air that this time of year seems to bring. It’s almost as if everyone is magically nice for the holiday season and for people like me, who think it should be that way all the time, this is most enjoyable.

I’m curious to know how everyone else is feeling about it being November already and what, if anything, do you have planned for the upcoming months?

One thought on “Goodbye October, Hello November

  1. The last days of 2014 are quite rapidly approaching and will soon become a distant object in our rearview mirrors. It seems like just yesterday I was still living in Louisville and going camping at Jefferson Memorial Forest … but I’ve been back here in Texas three months already.

    The late year holidays have always been my favorite, especially Christmas. Like you, it’s a result of being an only child. Even though I’ll be forty-five in February, I’m still a kid at heart. I love the fall and winter … and all that comes with it: friends, family, food, and fun.

    Too, I see the holidays as a lead-in to my birthday. LOL. Even though I don’t celebrate like I used to when I was younger, it’s still one of those things; still a time to get silly and set aside the weight of the world.

    Plus … i just like cold weather. =P

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