WEEKEND RECAP: Labor Day Edition

My weekend started off on a high note when I woke up Friday morning and saw that I had been accepted into the Dallas Blogger Collective which is an exclusive network created for bloggers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Needless to say, I’m super excited to be apart of the organization and networking with like-minded individuals!

Since I was off work, I had time to run some much-needed errands before heading out to happy hour with the beau. For old times sake, we decided to hit up one of our favorite spots we hadn’t been to in a while, Cyclone Anaya’s. Not quite ready to go home after dinner and drinks, we decided to go support my friend Dominic during his live Fantasy Football webcast for The Scoop at Glass Boot Biergarten. I pride myself on being a female who likes sports but these guys and GIRL can definitely teach me a thing or two. Check them out @ TheScoopZone.com!

Dominic & I
Dominic & I
"The Scoop" Crew
“The Scoop” Crew

Saturday, I got to explore my new-found hobby of photography and get some shots of the beau in the studio at the premiere of his Fall semester show, Music In Motion on UTA Radio. I think I did a pretty good job but can’t wait to attend a photography workshop in the near future to get even better. See a few of my shots below and tune in to his show Saturday’s, 12pm-2pm for the best of Hip Hop/R&B (shameless plug).

Saturday night turned into an impromptu game night with friends and family. College football, wings, drinks and a few rounds of UNO made for a great evening.

Sunday was a blur. Mostly spent catching up on shows and recuperating from the day before. Yesterday was much of the same since it was my last day before returning to work after being off for a whole week. Boy am I going to miss my freedom but there is money to be made and bills to be paid.

Hello September!!!

Your Thoughts???

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