Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…

This time last week I had the scare of my life. After going to the doctor for a routine check-up, I went about my regular schedule the next morning but noticed the doctor’s office had been blowing up my phone and even sent me an urgent email to contact them immediately.

Needless to say, my nerves were shot as I got up from my desk to call them back. Once on the phone, my doctor calmly instructed me to get to the nearest ER within the hour. Apparently, I had been miraculously functioning with an extremely low blood level which would more than likely require a transfusion.

As if the urgent phone calls/email weren’t enough, hearing the words ‘blood transfusion’ was enough to make my nerves go from being shot to completely shot. I left work and drove to the hospital on auto pilot. After checking in, the doctors there made the situation even clearer by constantly stating how amazed they were that I hadn’t shown any major symptoms, already had a heart attack or even died.

All of this at 29yrs old!

Still nervous about the concept of a blood transfusion, I tried my hardest to get an iron transfusion instead but that was a no go considering my levels were already too low. By this time I’d started to feel like a little girl who just wanted her mommy but since she’s no longer here, I had to pull it together for myself. After nine hours of pokes, prods, tests and the dreaded blood transfusion, I was finally told that I could go home.

*does happy dance*

Moral of the story is: we always talk about not taking things for granted but sometimes it takes situations like these to really put things back into perspective. Who knew what would’ve happened if I hadn’t went to the doctor? So even though I had to go through something I never would’ve expected, I’m yet thankful because it reminded me of two things.

First, life goes on. In a moment where I started to feel alone, I realized that I wasn’t. Even though my parental unit is no longer here, in walked some really great people I’ve been blessed to have around me who took the time to show they care. Second, life is too short. You can be here today and gone tomorrow so it’s important to make to most of the time we have now.

Be Blessed!


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