An Unexpected Music Lesson @ Ferralog Recording Studios (Dallas, TX)

While out and about in the city yesterday, I came across a rare find located in the heart of Deep Ellum.


I just so happened to be standing in front of the studio waiting for my photographer friend to get a good shot of Main Street when the owner, Nathan, came out. He introduced himself and invited us in for a quick tour. Walking through, it became clear that there’s a preference for the old way of doing things and I found myself instantly intrigued by the vintage vibe.


He was in the process of baking tapes which of course, he had to explain. With only limited knowledge about the analog versus digital recording process, I have a new-found respect for his work.

When asked about how he would describe the studio’s mission, he replied:

This is an art space. To have a place where artists can come, be creative and have a REAL studio experience.

Formally a live music venue, the 3800 square feet facility also features a bar and stage area. Specializing in indie rock, the list of artists who’ve recorded at the studio includes Party Static, Goodnight Ned and several other local artists from various genres.

It was a pleasure meeting someone who was so willing to take the time to share his craft. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for upcoming events being held at the studio and you should too. Keep up with their latest happenings on Facebook. Here’s to supporting the local art/music scene!


All photos courtesy of Robert Poe Photography. Visit his website for additional photos and photography services.

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