One of the Good Ones…

Every once in awhile I get the urge to morph into someone less caring, less loving, more distant and more cold-hearted. Although I know that will probably never be the case, it’s still nice to imagine. I have been through some of the worst of the worst and I’m still here. Still caring and still loving towards both the deserving and undeserving. It’s embedded in my DNA and it’s how I was raised so as much as I would like to change it at times when all the emotions seem too much to bear, I can’t.

While I was up way too early fore day this morning contemplating the benefits of being one of the good ones, I came across this quote on Tumblr and felt inspired.


I wanted to share this for those who are like me. Realizing that it gets tough sometimes but I’d much rather remain open to the possibility of goodness in the world versus being closed to it because of previous hurt and pain.

So for the good ones…

May we continue to astonish this mean world with our acts of kindness!

One thought on “One of the Good Ones…

  1. I know that is it hard being a good one, just as any other form of positivity in life. It’s harder to do what is right than it is to do what is easy. But I truly believe that the good ones will be rewarded for their efforts, as long as you stay the course. As for me, I’m a bad one, hoping my past mistakes don’t ruin what I have now…

    PS Thank you so much for your support and positivity Artesia. I really appreciate you. Blessings!

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