REVIEW: Komali Restaurant (Dallas, TX)

Komali_logoOne of the places we ventured to this past weekend was Komali Restaurant in Uptown Dallas. I had heard quite a bit about the place and had high hopes for trying an alternative to our usual choice of Mexican restaurants.

As I walked in, I noticed that the restaurant had a very trendy vibe to it. We sat at the bar while waiting for the rest of our party to arrive and the bartenders were very friendly not to mention the fact that they made my first drink strong which is always a plus. The chips and salsa usually say a lot about a good Mexican restaurant to me and they were on point as well.

Chips & Salsa w/a Black Passion Margarita

After everyone began to show, we moved to our table and that’s where it went downhill for me. I must say that the servers were very pleasant and attentive. However, very few in our group, including myself were pleased with the menu selection. We were told early on that we couldn’t make any substitutions because everything was pretty much pre-made. So for starters, being a huge fan of Queso, I decided to try the Queso Fundido which was okay but a tad bit too greasy for my liking.

Komali Appetizer Menu

For the main course, I ordered the chicken enchiladas with green sauce, thinking that I couldn’t go wrong. Boy was I disappointed! Even with all the pizzaz of the presentation, the enchiladas were extremely dry and had very little to no seasoning. Thank God I was able to spice up the rice with the little bit of salsa I had left.

Chicken Enchiladas, Rice & Black Beans

Overall, I think this place is trendy but highly overrated. Our bill was well over $100 and the only thing good was the chips and salsa along with my very first drink at the bar. Needless to say, we left feeling unfulfilled and I don’t foresee a return visit in my future. It’s sad when you leave a nice restaurant and opt to pull up at a drive-thru instead to make up for the lack of satisfaction.

Not impressed…

Your Thoughts???

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