Fashion Art Network Grand Opening Event & The Importance of Being On Time

FAN-Grand-opening-site-banner2I was super excited about attending the Grand Opening event of Fashion Art Network in the Dallas Design District for ILiveInDallas this past Saturday.

Fashion Art Network is made up of artists, curators, designers, fashion experts and models that assist artists with branding development and hosts creative events for up and coming artists to exhibit their work.

Unfortunately, I was taken aback by the experience of having to wait outside for over thirty minutes when the VIP reception was scheduled for 6pm-7pm. While I understand that things like this can be quite hectic for those putting it together, to have your guests standing around outside in the hot sun is certainly not a good way to kick things off.

When asked when things would be getting started (the doors unlocked), a representative told me to give her a second to find the VIP list and never came back with an answer. When speaking to others who were gathered around, there seemed to be some sort of confusion about the start time. Half of us said 6pm and the other half said 7pm. Either way, my +1 and I got tired of waiting and opted to leave and continue our evening elsewhere before the heat got the best of us.

At least I got a cute pic while waiting outside…

Since I hate to leave things undone, I did follow-up with the event on Instagram and saw that the setup on the inside was really nice once things got going. In spite of the whole time issue, I absolutely love the concept behind the Fashion Art Network and hope to be able to attend a future event there and take in the full experience that it has to offer.

Your Thoughts???

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