Side Chicks & The Men Who Love Them…

SidechickThese days you can’t help but notice a growing trend of women selling themselves short by vying for the attention of men who are already involved. Not to mention the fact that reality shows and television in general have glamorized the side chick status and now portray it as the thing to do.

However, for someone who is a tad bit old-fashioned when it comes to dating, I find this very disturbing and often wonder how it will play out for myself and other women like me. The fact that there are women okay with offering sex at the drop of a dime, sending naked pictures of themselves and basically being on call for a man who is not theirs, leaves little to no room for the good girls to compete in this modern-day dating environment.

Realizing that there are more than a few men out there who will take full advantage of such situations regardless if everything is on the up-an-up at home and especially if they are experiencing turbulent times in their relationship, this post is not meant to place blame on the women alone. However, I’ve heard more than a few women complain about being the side chick and it seems to me that if they were really that bothered by it, why continue to put up with it?

Instead, they allow men to play these games no matter how degrading it is, in hopes that it will earn them a permanent spot in their lives. In most cases, this could not be further from the truth and for those who do manage to work their way up to main chick territory, one should always be mindful of the old adage, how you get him is how you’ll lose him.

I digress…

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