My Visit To The Wild Detectives Bookstore

After hearing about it on the news, I decided to go see this place for myself. Tucked away in one of my favorite parts of town, The Wild Detectives has definitely added to the unique value of the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff.

image (1)

From the outside, with minimal signage, it looks like just another rehabbed house in the area. However, once inside, this place is filled with literary satisfaction for those of us that have shied away from the run of the mill bookstores.

photo by: Jonathan Zizzo
photo by: Jonathan Zizzo

It’s apparent that the owners have taken special care with the stores’ presentation and selection of reading material. I found it even more interesting to see the bar area that not only serves coffee and pastries but offers beer and wine as well.


This is definitely a great place for the meeting of the minds. I wouldn’t be surprised to see book clubs gathering around or invitations of poetry readings in the near future. But in the meantime, it will definitely be my new spot for a good book, blogging on the go and of course, a nice glass of wine.

2 thoughts on “My Visit To The Wild Detectives Bookstore

  1. Looks nice! I may have to check this place out one day. SN: I didn’t know you were in this area! I recently moved here about a year and a half ago, and I am starting to see many great resources for aspiring authors! I am excited about the possibilities. Peace and Blessings.


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