Solo Dolo & Feeling Pretty…

For it to be spring break, I really haven’t done much this year. To my surprise, I hadn’t even ventured outside my home for the past few days for anything other than a Wal-Mart run. But last night I’d just about had enough of that. Feeling like I was about to get in some kind of rut, I decided to get dressed up all nice and pretty like and head out for a quick bite and a few drinks. None of my friends were free so there I was.

Solo dolo and feeling pretty…

Instead of heading for the usual hangout spots, I decided to try a Tex Mex restaurant in my area. The food was good, drinks were even better and the service made the night a personal success. Something about those local mom/pop places! Dining out alone is something I’d never worked up the courage to do until last year. I’m still not head over hills about it but at least now I’m comfortable in my own skin when I do it.

The moral of the story is…

Sometimes we all need a pick me up and instead of waiting for others to be the pick me up you need, occasionally you have to do it for yourself. #thatisall

Your Thoughts???

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