She’s Just A Friend…

Oh baby, you… you got what I need… but you say she’s just a friend. You say she’s just a friend… oh baby you!


Dating a guy with a slew of female friends can prove to be very difficult even IF everything is on the up and up. At some point, even the most secure woman is guaranteed to feel some type of way about her significant other constantly reaching out to, responding to, talking about and hanging with his female friends.

I have always been a supporter of platonic relationships between opposite sexes but when it comes to dating, I’m a firm believer that there’s a line which has to be drawn. No woman wants to feel like she has to vie for her man’s attention or that another female friend’ has a connection to him as deep or deeper than the one she shares with him.

She's Just A Friend (baby)

Some people look at it as yet another restriction that comes with relationships but I see it as merely a respect factor. You don’t have to sacrifice your friendships for the sake of the relationship but being able to maintain a healthy balance between the two is certainly key to ones success.

Ladies, what are your thoughts???

2 thoughts on “She’s Just A Friend…

  1. I have dated gus with lots of female friends and some with barely any. The guys with lots seem to know how to treat girls a bit better (same with those who have sisters and a close relationship with their Mothers – but not too close) but where I draw the line is close female friends they have slept with. I had to firmly tell my Ex it was inappropriate for him to have sleepovers in the same bed as the ‘best friend’ with whom he had lost his virginity with years before because we had started dating. He really didn’t see a problem with it…


    1. Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how some people don’t see anything wrong with their actions. I too have found that the concept of them knowing how to treat girls a bit better to be true in some cases as well. As usual, thanks for reading and commenting! 😊


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