I convinced myself at an early age that it was a fear of failure which kept me from doing certain things but as of late, I realize that it is the exact opposite. Somewhere buried deep down inside, I have a fear of success.

For the past year, I have been on a personal mission of chasing my dreams and now that I’m actually on the cusp of it all, the flood gates of doubt and self sabotage have opened up. Thoughts of rather or not I’m really up for the challenge, fear of losing myself in the process and contemplations of giving it all up and going back to my safe little life.

At the end of the day, I know the capability is there, getting over myself is the key. 😳😳😳

So that’s my confession for the day! I’m sure I’m not alone on this but hey, just in case I am, it’s nice to be linking up with Bella for her hump day confession session.

Dateless in Dallas

5 thoughts on “CONFESSION SESSION: Fear of Success

  1. I think that’s perfectly normal to feel self doubt and not feeling adequate enough for the task because deep down you don’t want to fail because if you do it will be all the more devastating. I think as long as you truly believe in yourself then the rest will follow. Get out of your comfort zone and trust that you are doing what you’re doing because you want to fulfill your dreams.

    Thanks for linkin’ up! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  2. The fear of the unknown … I know it all too well. The “what if’s” and the “should I’s” … all too often we get so caught up in our fears that we become paralyzed at the thought of trying something new. I’ve been there. I’m there now, actually.

    But sometimes … sometimes we have to step out on that shaky limb just to prove to ourselves we have what it takes. We roll the dice and pray for 7’s or 11’s instead of snake eyes.

    A defined and healthy sense of caution and fear is a good thing, obviously … but when we allow it to run rampant and amok, it twists and mutates into something more harmful than good. We grow complacent, apathetic, and unsure of our abilities and talents. We settle.

    I can’t. I won’t. I refuse to. Not anymore.

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