Dysfunctional (EXCERPT)…

Kira knew she didn’t stand a chance going up against her man in a heated discussion but she was tired of feeling like she had no voice in the relationship. She wanted the freedom to speak as candidly to him as he did with her. Instead, he made her feel as if she had to walk on eggshells when talking to him.

She spoke to him from a place of love and understanding but his tongue was a force to be reckoned with. His idea of love was tough and his understanding was null and void in the moments where it mattered the most. His stubborn ways made him quick to jump defensive and shut down in even the most minute situations. His past had really done a number on him.

Question was, how did she end up here? Her friends had hosted several interventions to find out why someone who was always in control of herself was suddenly losing herself in behind such a cold-hearted man.

The answer was easy. She loved him. Even though on most occasions, he gave her hell on wheels, there were moments that proved otherwise. After all, it was his strong personality that attracted her to him in the first place.

Sure… they would argue now, he would declare that he needed space but would eventually call her back. She would answer on the first ring as usual and somehow they would end up back on track. That’s just how it was with them.

A dysfunctional relationship that was slowly eating away at her.

Your Thoughts???

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