Bad Friend Alert…

Even though most of my close friends usually warn me against publicly admitting that I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, I do. In the past two episodes, NeNe has called Porsha out for being a bad friend.


So what exactly is a bad friend? In this case, it’s the kind of friend that you give your time and energy to but can never seem to get the same in return. It doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person but it can be quite draining. The funny thing is, I’ve found that most who fall into this category don’t even realize they’re in the wrong.

Needless to say, I felt inspired to write about this because it’s something that I often find myself dealing with and said I would not allow to continue in the new year. This of course means that I will definitely have to be more vocal and call these friends on their shenanigans much like NeNe.

She said it best…

Being a friend is not a one-way street. I can’t just always be there for you and you never be there for me. It’s just not cool.


13 thoughts on “Bad Friend Alert…

    1. You know… I had someone else mention the jealousy aspect to me recently as well and I’d honestly never even thought about looking at it that way until then. However, I’m starting to think you guys are onto something!


      1. I didn’t see it until my mother pointed it out – and she never even met the girl! I got further confirmation when she told me she never invites me anywhere because I’m extra and it’s too much work to compete with me. So she’d rather hang out with “regular” girls. I was offended, but at least she was finally honest. Her issue. Not mine. Be careful who you share your milestones with.


      2. The reason we didn’t think of it is because we’re operating on another level – shining because it’s who we are and not to compete with girlfriends. I saw RHOA too and I thought if it were my friend (nene) – I don’t know how I couldnt tell her that


        1. So true. Mothers always seem to know best and once certain people realize that everything is not meant to be a competition, their lives will be much better!


    1. That can be a tricky situation! My rule of thumb is to always be a good friend to those who are good to me and sometimes that means letting them know when they are wrong. At the end of the day, a real friend will always see the value in that.


  1. This is a book in itself as far as I’m concerned. I see it like this: I’m a very generous person. Seeing my friends laughing, smiling, cutting up … that makes *me* happy. I’ll give until I can’t give no more and then I’ll *still* find a way, come Hell or high water, to do and give more. It’s the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated.

    Liars, backstabbers, game players, hustlers … I’ve met more than my fair share; was even involved romantically with one up until Thanksgiving 2013. I drew a line, though … and she crossed it one too many times. I was too trusting. I didn’t keep my guard up. Shame on me.

    If I’m down for you – ride or die – do the same for me. I got your back 110% all the time, every time. Give back what you get. I’ll never ask you for anything … because I’m a grown man and I know how to handle my life. But still … don’t use me, don’t abuse me, don’t mistreat me, and don’t play me.

    If I’m down for you – ride or die – do the same – be the same – for me. I got your back 110% all the time, every time. Give back what you get. Otherwise … turn around, side-shuffle on out that door, and kick rocks.

    I like this one, Ms. Devereaux. A lot. 😉


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