I recently came across a new web series entitled Blackman Depressed. This up and coming series features lead character, Simeon Blackman who lost his job, his girlfriend and his home. Talk about being down on your luck!

It gives a comical spin on the topic of depression which is something that many are not willing to discuss, let alone find the lighter side of. When Simeon discovers an unknown love for writing, there’s suddenly light at the end of the tunnel that prompts him to pick up, move to L.A and pursue his newfound dream of becoming a screenwriter.

Truth be told, I believe there’s a little bit of this character in all of us and can’t wait to see it played out in the series. Check out the first episode below and be sure to tune in on Sundays for more to come.

BUT WAIT… it gets better!!!

Watch each episode and tell us what shoes are on Simeon’s feet for your chance to win a NIKE gift card and other prizes.

At the end of the show tweet:

@simeonblackman got (shoe name) on his feet #BLACKMANDEPRESSED #BMD

MUST USE FULL NAME (i.e. Eps 2 he is wearing Nike Air Jordan 1 “banned”). LIKE the Facebook page and SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel for additional opportunities to win.

Your Thoughts???

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