Iced In For The Weekend…

The past couple of days have brought some much colder temperatures and a wintry mix to my area. Everything was completely shut down yesterday and looks like much of the same is in store for today.

7day Forecast

It’s amazing how the mind plays such an integral role in how we feel about certain things. Normally, being able to spend time at home is quite relaxing for me but seeing as how it’s no longer an option, I feel as if I’m about to go stir crazy!

I’ve just about watched all the movies I can take, worked on my laptop for as long as my eyes can bear, burned myself out on re-runs of my favorite television shows and ate all the homemade chili I’m going to eat for the remainder of winter.

The optimistic side of me feels horrible for being in such a funk about this weather but I just have this hankering urge to go somewhere, ANYWHERE for that matter. Not to mention the fact that I had some really great plans for the weekend.

Oh well, I digress. At the end of the day, being cooped up inside is much better than sliding around in the ice.

Stay Warm! 🙂

Your Thoughts???

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