To Swirl or Not To Swirl…

black-woman-dating-a-white-manSeems like I have been getting approached by more and more Caucasian men as of late and seeing as how there has been no certainty provided in my current dating situation with The Serial Monogamist, I can’t help but to think about what the future may hold for me if I end up allowing myself to be fully back on the market.

While I have always been open to the idea of interracial dating, I will admit that it has not been at the forefront of my dating experiences for ancestral reasons and quite honestly, not knowing if I could deal with (for lack of a better term) the pink meat.

However, as a women who is dating after divorce AND dating with kids, my options have seemingly been reduced within my own race. Usually, when coming up short after doing an online search, the rule of thumb is to broaden your search. Well, the same can be said about dating. Sometimes we get so caught up in our list of so-called requirements that we may cheat ourselves out of certain opportunities.

Hmm… could a swirl be in my future???

4 thoughts on “To Swirl or Not To Swirl…

  1. LMAO. Now, keep in mind, this is coming from a forty-four year old Caucasian who grew up in the 80’s during the reign(s) of Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Prince, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Luther Vandross, and so many others … and New Wave. (rolls eyes)

    On a real note, no b.s. or smoke or anything like that:

    We all bleed red. Skin color is just a matter of melanin; some have more of it, while others have less. I happen to be one of those “white chocolate” guys who lack melanin. =P My point being is that, although we live in a society that is more accepting NOW of interracial relationships than at any point in time before, there ARE still issues that both sides *must* be prepared to deal with, work through, and eventually (hopefully) come to terms with and resolve.

    Although I’m very well aware of who and what I am, most of the women I have been involved with romantically have either been Latinas, Asians, or Black women. It’s never been a conscious choice for me to date “outside” of my race … more so, it’s just that the chemistry – that BOND – has seemingly been with women of other ethnicities, races, or cultures. I really don’t even look at the color of a woman’s skin, to be honest … it matters that little to me. What I DO look for – much like I mentioned to you the other day on Twitter – is that I gotta know how a woman **THINKS** before I can open up my heart, my soul, or even my bed to her. I’ve never been one to dive ‘n’ dip. I take soul-ties very, very seriously.

    My last relationship – the one that ended in November last year – was with a beautiful black woman. We didn’t see each other as a black female or a white male … nor did her pre-teen son. He accepted my presence in his life – and in his Mom’s life – with very little issue or concern. Really, he actually told his Mom – in front of me – that he had more fun with me than he did his own flesh and blood father (not “Dad”).

    An interracial relationship is still very much a relationship that carries all the same weights and responsibilities as any other … except for “the color thing”. LOL. “Pink meat” notwithstanding (I love that phrase, by the way) the color of a person’s skin should be dead last on the list. Be aware and mindful, yes. Pay not attention to the myths and fallacies that the ignorant and uninformed pass on as fact. Look at the heart first, then the mind … and then the bearing, integrity, class, character, maturity, commitment, and intelligence of that person.

    Yes, it has its problems. God knows … ***I KNOW*** … but any problem can be conquered with time, love, tenderness, caring, empathy, compassion, and patience.



  2. Regardless if it’s a white man, a black man, a brown man, a yellow man, a red man, or a multi-hued, plaid, and polka-dotted man … make damned sure he treats you with respect and courtesy. You should be his QUEEN … and he, your KING.



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