Relax, Relate, Release…

relax-relate-releaseAfter a hectic past couple of weeks, I am fresh off a weekend chock full of doing absolutely NOTHING.

Now that it’s back to business as usual, I’m grateful that I had the time to relax, relate and release for the past couple of days. However, I did notice that I still find it difficult to simply sit and be still. Off and on during the weekend, I felt like I should have at least been doing something but wasn’t quite sure of what that “something” was.

As an only child, I have always been okay with being alone but would much rather spend my time with others. As the weather changes, I also feel that I am about to enter into a new season in my life. One that will focus on me being able to positively embrace my time alone instead of dreading it as I sometimes do.

If this past weekend was any indication as to that, I would say that while there is still much work to be done, I’m well on my way to being okay with spending more time to myself.

So here’s to what’s to come!

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