SongVersation With India Arie…


Night before last I had the pleasure of attending the SongVersation Tour concert in my area with some friends and was more than pleasantly surprised. I have always loved India Arie’s music but this show made me love her presence even more.

Although the venue was packed, the concert felt very intimate. It was thought-provoking and had a sensual vibe that sent me home feeling all kinds of lovey dovey (for lack of a better term).

Throughout the show, there were a series of quotes on the big screen and she told a story to go with most of them. The one that stood out to me the most and has been resonating in my spirit ever since is one she told about meeting Cicely Tyson. India shared that she always thought she did a good job of masking but Cicely was able to look past her outer shell and speak directly to her spirit. The quote to sum it up was:

The shell must break before the bird can fly. ~Alfred Tennyson

I took this to heart because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been working on really coming out of my shell. When she spoke about this it dawned on me that in all my efforts, I have only cracked the surface of my shell thus far and often find myself still trying to play it safe but my true potential has yet to be fully released.

Here’s to breaking the shell!

Your Thoughts???

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