Coming From Where I’m From…

Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

Eighth&MooreI grew up in a place called The Bottom. There were literally two hills that you had to go down in order to get to my neighborhood but the fact that it was “the hood” made the name an even better fit.

I bore witness to drug abuse, prostitution and gun violence on a daily basis but even though I grew up in this neighborhood, it never embodied who I was. As an only child, raised by my mother and great-grandmother, they instilled in me a different set of values and most importantly, led by example.

Nowadays, when I drive back through my old neighborhood, I see the same people doing the same things. A few often tell me how proud they are of me for never getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, pursuing my education, being a hard-worker, moving out of the hood and making something of myself. As I listen to them talk, I often wonder why they didn’t make the same choices for themselves.

If there’s anything that the area I grew up in taught me, it is to always strive to do better, never give up in life and never settle. I am proof that you can rise above the circumstances which surround you and create your own path to personal success.

Drake said it best. Started From The Bottom!

Your Thoughts???

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