REVIEW: Bar One (Atlanta, GA)

Bar One ATL

I was super excited to visit Bar One after watching the preview of it on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Not to mention the fact that I love me some Peter Thomas, the owner who’s also married to one of my favorite housewives, Cynthia Bailey.

Upon arrival, we noticed that the venue was located in the hood, for lack of a better term. So those housewives who mentioned that on the show were not just being bourgeois like I thought, they were in fact telling the truth!

At any rate, we decided to venture in. The inside was not what I’d imagined and clearly looked ten times better on TV. The place was half empty but we were quickly turned away and told that we would need reservations. As we glanced around at all the empty couches and tables, we picked our faces up off the floor and politely set reservations for the next evening.

Round two…

We arrived and were quickly seated. The waitress was a bit of a character which made for good entertainment since there wasn’t much else going on. It still wasn’t busy and the few people who were there looked as if they were hanging out at the local hole in the wall. This was definitely not the upscale, sophisticated experience we were expecting.

The food however was the highlight of our time at Bar One. I had the Jerk Chicken and Shrimp Fritters with Caribbean Tartar Sauce. Kudos to chef Natasha Wong. It was like a little piece of heaven in my mouth!

When the check arrived, I found it ironic that they automatically add an 18% gratuity to parties under ten whereas it’s usually added for parties at that amount and over.

Overall, it’s sad that our excitement to visit here was not met with our complete satisfaction of the venue.

Your Thoughts???

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