Jay-Z Talks Fear of Failure…

I have always admired Jay-Z for his come up, business savvy and the fact that he has his hand in a little bit of everything. While I was blog surfing today, I came across a recent interview with him on the Angie Martinez Show at Hot 97. During the interview, he discussed his views on success.

When asked if he could believe how much he’s accomplished, he had this to say:

It’s a bit of business acumen and it’s a bit of believing I can and not being afraid to fail. That holds a lot of people back, that fear of failure.

While this is not anything new, what he had to say really hit home for me as I am often guilty of not moving forward with certain things in life because of my own fear of failure. The times that I have decided to step outside my box only to have things not go a certain way, I decided to duck right back into my comfort zone knowing full well that living my life in a “safe zone” is not what I want to do.

Regardless of how many times I’ve heard this or something similar before, sometimes all it takes is hearing it at the right time or in a certain setting. So hearing him say those words today really inspired me to work a little harder at letting go of my fear of failure and to start taking more of the chances that come to me without the hesitation of fear in my heart.

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