My Thoughts on Being Mary Jane…

Being Mary Jane

I did everything right and what do I have to show for being a good girl…

I was glued to the television last night for the premiere of Being Mary Jane. While I had high hopes, in the back of my mind I still had my reservations about rather the show would actually live up to its hype.

The fact that it was so REAL with its portrayal of a woman who’s successful in her career and holding it down for her family but lacking in the love department had me ALL in my feelings. Scene after scene I was like, “that is me!”

I laughed. I sang. I cried. I could relate…

From the post-it notes everywhere, common relationship issues and having to support her family right down to something as simple as deleting and re-typing instant messages or the bird bath before an impromptu date, the often taboo topic of masturbation and the gay best friend who’s there when she needs him.

I am happy to say that I was very pleased with the show and am looking forward to the regular episodes in January 2014.

Kudos to Akil Productions for giving us a positive show that portrays the African-American woman as so much MORE than we normally see on television. Mary Jane Paul is the African-American woman I’m familiar with, not some of the women on these reality shows.

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