Rise, Women, Rise…

DARK-GIRLS-MOVIELast night I was able to watch the re-air of the Dark Girls documentary on OWN and found myself deeply touched by the candid dialogue and case studies.

I am so glad that Bill Duke and OWN decided to dive in and shed light on the unfortunate, often ignored topic of colorism from various standpoints.

Like so many others, I too had my first experiences of colorism at the hands of my own family. Some of the matriarch members played favorites to the lighter skin girls and because such differences were obvious, the dark skin girls always held a certain discontent in their hearts for themselves.

But it was my own high yellow, red-bone mama that taught me at an early age that my black was beautiful and pretty soon, the nonsense that others were spouting did not phase me. I came to appreciate my own brown skin along with the other shades of beauty within my race regardless of stereotypes.

I believe that we as a people, have so much to offer but often seem to stand in the way of our own advancement from the many years of misguided teachings we have received.

It is my desire that open discussions like these and continued positive reinforcement will spark much needed change within ourselves therefore sparking true evolvement in our communities.

Dark Girls will be available on DVD September 24th.

Your Thoughts???

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