Happy Father’s Day!!!

While Father’s Day is not as widely celebrated as Mother’s Day, there are still quite a few good men that deserve recognition for stepping up to the plate, handling their responsibilities and going the extra mile to make sure their children know they are loved.

In my own situation, my father was not a dead beat. I knew who he was and he came around often but he wasn’t the most expressive so he became more of a financial father. Since money can’t buy everything, that definitely took a toll on our relationship. However, I am happy to say that since that time he has worked diligently to improve our relationship.

I am even more happy to say that because of his efforts, I no longer have a jaded opinion about this day. So to my father, the father of my children and all the other wonderful father’s around the world, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

I hope that this day is made special for each of you!!!

Your Thoughts???

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