The Ties That Bind…

Granted, sometimes it’s hard to move on from situations in the past and even when we try to, we may notice that there are still certain ties that bind us to the very thing we wish to be free of.

In a recent conversation with a very stong-minded friend I was reminded that no one is immune from the disease of holding on to the past.

Take relationships for example…

We may have left a previous situation for good reason and have no honest intention of returning but when certain questions arise that show signs of moving forward, we may find ourselves curbing the truth to make that person feel at ease simply because there is some level of concern for that person or loyalty to that person even if they don’t always treat us in the same manner.

But at what point does this become a problem?

The moment you start downplaying your current situation to appease the one in the past.

Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep the peace or preserve a friendship but you must always remember that person is in the past for a reason. Don’t miss out on your future because of the ties that bind you to your past, even the smallest ones. The worst thing you can do to a person is make them question your motives or feel less than over something in the past after they have given themselves to you in the present.

Not only does this rule of thumb apply to relationships but also to life in general.

Be mindful of the ties that bind you to your past and continue striving to move forward with every fiber of your being.

Your Thoughts???

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