BOOK REVIEW: Dark Side of the Moon by Ahmad Taylor

I was intrigued by Dark Side of the Moon by Ahmad Taylor from the very beginning and quite honestly, couldn’t put it down.

The story of Government Agent Derrick Thomas on a desperate search to figure out what has happened to his father and sister while they were both working on a top-secret government project starts when he receives an encoded message from his father asking for help.

The author does a great job of tying the main character’s past in with the present with just enough flashbacks to pull us deeper into the current story without boredom. It also helped that I had previously read the prequel books, Martin Thomas and Jeanie Thomas: a History of Dark Side of the Moon.

As most of my readers know, I’m not one for spoilers but this science fiction novel has a very futuristic feel that will keep you on edge in regards to what may happen next until the very end and it definitely left me wanting more.

So until the sequel…

Kudos to this first time author for a story well done and with hopefully more to come!

Your Thoughts???

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