Good Girl Problems…

Earlier today, I wrote about the Relationship Check which was based on a conversation I had with a friend about her issues with dating so now let’s discuss mine.

I’m the good girl… the girl next door… the home-girl… however you want to put it, that’s me!

I’m the type of girl who is well-rounded, already has her own, brings substance to the table and is a natural giver. The type of girl the guy dates, enjoys spending his time with, comes to for a listening ear or advice and somewhere along the line, usually after I’ve caught feelings, I get the good ole speech:

You’re a good person with so many great qualities BUT…

After hearing it so many times you kind of learn to guard your emotions a little better and if the speech does come, you simply accept it and keep moving forward with a smile in true good girl fashion.

However, I’m convinced that most guys want the type of women they see on television, read about or watch on porn. That fantasy type of chick that caters to their every little need at the drop of a dime regardless if hers are being fully met.

Taking the high road has its advantages but I will admit that I have been guilty of wanting to unleash my inner “bad girl” for all the wrong reasons. I mean let’s face it, from the outside looking in, all the video vixen type chicks get and hold the attention of some of the best of ’em.

But my good morals and self consciousness just won’t ever let me do it.

Hopefully one day I’ll cross paths with someone who can appreciate my hard-working, will hold you down if you holding me down type approach and everything that comes with it minus the video vixen aspect.

Who Knows!

2 thoughts on “Good Girl Problems…

  1. Keep in mind that, from the other side of the gender fence, there are those of us who are “good guys” and “choir boys”, too. Trust me … your thoughts above echo my own. I’m surprised that I’m even letting my guard down enough to even publicly post an agreement. LOL. On a serious note … we’re out here. Like the proverbial girl-next-door that you describe yourself to be, there are those of us on *this* side of the gender fence who are pretty much the same.

    (nods) Your blog entries are ALWAYS so on-point, Ms. Teezy. Seriously.


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