Being Transparent…

A good friend once asked me to be transparent while giving her daughter some advice on challenges that she would face as a teenager. Usually, I’m very guarded and only give intentional bits and pieces of my life. Most people will never know the full extent of my life experiences and those that do, know that’s a big deal to me.

But every since that day, I’ve tried to be a little more transparent in my everyday life. I remember the feeling I got as if it were yesterday. It felt so good to ‘really open up’ and give my word of advice in an effort to keep her daughter from making some of the same mistakes I did.

Rather we realize it or not, each one of us has our own unique experiences that if told, can benefit others. I’m not saying run around telling your business to every Tom, Dick and Harry but I am saying it’s okay to share your knowledge and wisdom with those in need of it and willing to listen.

Sometimes we hold our lives captive by keeping everything to ourselves either out of guilt, fear and/or shame. But the reward of release is far greater than the price you pay for suffering in silence and/or not helping someone else see the light.

So rather you need help or can give it, I encourage you to be more transparent. Open your eyes, ears and hearts. Be ready to receive your blessing or be a blessing to someone else when you least expect it.

Your Thoughts???

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