Confessions of an Over Thinker…

I have been guilty of over thinking things ever since I can remember…

I don’t know what it is about my thought process that causes me to over analyze even the most minor situations making them more difficult than necessary.

Earlier this week I gushed about my excitement of starting this new project with the intent to publish and ever since then, I’ve been analyzing the work of other authors and bloggers, comparing it to mine and wondering if I can really get this thing off the ground and running at the level that I most want to achieve.

There’s always been something about taking this writing thing of mine to the next level that simply unnerves me.

All I know is that I had better get myself together because as a journalism major, I almost feel as if this is make or break time for me. Not only is writing embodied in my career choice but it’s also a major hobby that has kept me going through the years.

Needless to say, I can’t imagine my life without writing!

The problem is… right now I’m imagining some of everything. Everything BUT what I NEED to be imagining to produce this series I’m working on!

Heaven help me…

Your Thoughts???

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