Easy Like Sunday Morning…

As a child, I was made to go to church.

Two to three times a week and the services seemed to last forever…

I often wondered what my church life would be like when I got old enough to decide for myself. I kept up the regimen for quite some time but noticed myself only going out of habit and always leaving the same way I came in.

Needless to say, I cannot remember the last time I’ve been to church, going on some months now…

*braces myself in case lightening strikes*

Sounds bad to those that are religious fanatics but it’s not because I haven’t had the desire to enter into a sanctuary but more so because I cannot stand the thought of sitting through another scripted service filled with hypocrites that are excellent actors who put on their best performances, sing the loudest, shout the hardest, raise the biggest offerings and dictate man made doctrines every Sunday morning.

I do believe in God and know that my relationship with him could be better according to the way I was raised but I also know that it is not to be judged by anyone here on earth.

And yes…

I do believe that there will come a time when I will have to find another church home and that no church is perfect. But I can only pray that the church I find has a sincere desire to help grow people without using scare tactics or falling into the mega church (I want to reach everybody but not really take the time to know anybody) mode.

Your Thoughts???

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